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Workplace Vision Wellness

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 2,000 workplace eye injuries occur each day, and these eye injuries cost an estimated $1 billion each year. Nearly 100,000 of these injuries will be disabling, resulting in temporary or permanent vision loss.

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If you think these are “national statistics,” with no real relevance in our small rural communities, ask Jon Gunderman, Safety Coordinator for Black Hills Power (BHP).  

“We have experienced eye injuries within our company,” Gunderman stated. “And, unfortunately many of these eye injuries are due to not wearing proper eye protection.” Gunderman and other area safety managers offered to collaborate with Northern Plains Eye Foundation to address this issue.    

Thanks to Foundation Board Members, Dr. Dallas Wilkinson and Dr. Terry Spencer, and past Board Member, Mutch Usera, Senior Program Manager-External Affairs with Black Hills Power, Northern Plains Eye Foundation introduced the Workplace Vision Wellness presentation on workplace eye safety.

Workplace Vision Wellness Presentation

The half-hour Workplace Vision Wellness presentation, given by area ophthalmologists and optometrists, who volunteer on behalf of Northern Plains Eye Foundation, covers topics such as workplace eye hazards, types of eye protection, use and care of eye protection and what to do in the case of an eye injury.  

“I see these eye injuries in my practice. At least ten to twenty percent result in permanent vision loss,” commented Dr. Spencer, ophthalmologist at Black Hills Regional Eye Institute and one of the Workplace Vision Wellness volunteer presenters. “If we can prevent even one person from losing their vision, this presentation will have been effective.”

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